Pacifico People - Bondi Duo Joel Bennetts and Zelimir Harasty - Part 2/2

Pacifico People - Joel Bennetts and Zelimir Harasty - Part 2/2

Not so long ago we caught up with two laid back Bondi Beach locals, ocean photographer and chef Joel Bennetts (@joelbennetts), and photographer and artist, Zelimir Harasty (Zeli) (@zelimirharasty).

Here is part 2 of the 2 part series with Bennetts and Zeli as we talk with Zeli about his home of Bondi and his art.

When you say that you were born on the streets of Bondi - you mean it literally. Can you tell us a bit about this?

I was born on Ocean St in the backstreets of Bondi (as a home birth), and lived there until I was seven, after that I moved with the family to Campbell Parade and lived there till I moved out after school. I spent about a year living in Rose Bay but quickly moved back into the Bubble.

Zeli, you also are a talented photographer, but you also have a strong passion for your art. Do you prefer one to the other?

I bought my first camera when I was 18 and had began shooting landscape photos with a friend and probably my first real mentor Ed. He was already an incredible photographer and taught me how to use a DSLR and then all the tricks to post production on Photoshop and Lightroom. I wouldn't say that I prefer one over the other. I have always sketched and painted and I do aspire to become an artist, but my photos help me so much in terms of inspiration.

What is your style of art?

I guess you could say my art is abstract portraiture/figure work. I draw heavily from artist such as Jean Cocteau and Francis Bacon, and use colours that are often not associated with people. Bright blues and vermillion reds. I’m pretty loose when I paint; I take big risks, which sometimes don't work out for the best.

Do you sell to the public, Zeli?

Not yet, I haven't sold a single work. I have never really tried to sell anything I just paint, then roll them up and leave them.

We hear there is talk of your first exhibition? Can you give us any details or is this hush hush at the moment?

Not really hush hush, but I guess I haven't got all the details to tell you yet. I have a pretty amazing PR team working all the tedious details out and when they have all the information ready, you’ll be getting an invite. It will also be posted on my social media and instagram @zelimirharsty.

Where can we buy you photography or art?

I can always arrange for private viewings but the main body of work will be for sale and publicly open for viewing during and after the exhibition.

Zeli & Joel:

Do you guys enjoy living together? Why?

Zeli: Mate I couldn’t have asked for a better flatmate, we share so many things in common and I guess our personalities just fit really easily together.

Joel: well coming from a family with two older brothers whom now live elsewhere, having a solid mate by my side is essential, we both fill voids for each others lives and pull each other back to reality when things get a bit spacey. Couldn’t imagine life without this guy and am excited to see the things we will achieve together.

Both the boys love their board sports and can be seen ripping, either in the waves or the skate bowl of Bondi . 

Thats all from us now - so until the next instalment of Pacifico People, stay shady.