Pacifico Optical was born between swims at Bondi Beach, and the brand is infused with the area's relaxed coastal lifestyle. Our design mantra is simple. Premium components styled in classic silhouettes. Our frames are hand crafted using Japanese and Italian acetates, lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision and European engineered hinges. We champion elegant shapes, subtle slopes, earthy textures and natural tones. Sandstone, salt spray and timber grain have influenced the lens and acetate colours, and vintage eyewear, aviation and European classicism have informed the frame forms. Our business model is simple, too. Premium glasses without the price-tag. We sell direct to our customers to keep costs down for you. We’re precise and handmade. We’re accessible luxury.

Founded by two mates, Alain Guglielmino and Nick Guzowski, the idea was conceived in 2011, whilst the two were living abroad. Alain, based in the North of Italy and Nick, Poland decided to catch up during the European Summer, and met each other on the Island of Hvar, Croatia.

We identified our shared passion for eyewear when we both turned up to Hvar, rocking some vintage classics we had found on our travels. We had both been scouring historical European cities and towns for vintage eyewear, which we would then have fitted with a UV coated lens. After a bit of discussion about the frames and the lack of comparable styles and quality shades in the current market, we agreed there was a good opportunity to create a brand that featured timeless frames that are well made and aren't exorbitantly priced.  

It took a couple of years, until we had made our way back to Bondi, for us to  decide to take the leap and begin to work on the brand. We launched the brand in 2015, and the rest is history.

We named it "Pacifico", after the Pacific Ocean, that laps the Bondi shores and after the Italian word, 'Pacifico', which translates to 'Calm, tranquil and relaxed'