Pacifico People - Bondi Duo Joel Bennetts and Zelimir Harasty - Part 1/2

Not so long ago we caught up with two laid back Bondi Beach locals, seascape photographer and chef Joel Bennetts (@joelbennetts), and photographer and artist, Zelimir Harasty (“Zeli”) (@zelimirharasty). The boys live on the beach front where they can literally see the ocean from every room of their apartment.

The boys were a real pleasure to hang out with for the day and we got along like chocolate and milk. We shared stories of their photography and art, and in light of the boys’ camera skills - they took the reigns behind the lens to take some snaps of each other to share with you.

Here is part 1 of the 2 part series with Joel and Zeli as we talk with Joel about his ocean photography and his inspiration. Joel's dreamy seascapes caught our attention and I think it's fair to say that this boy is oozing with talent. 


Pacifico: Looking at your photos on instagram (@joelbennetts), we can see that you have some serious camera skills. How long have you been photographing for?

Joel: For me it started about 3 years ago when I got my first iPhone. I had owned a small camera previous to that and used it to film my brother and I riding bikes. Taking photos became a big part of my life when I found a large collection of my late mothers photographs in a box at my old place.

Pacifico: We understand that the majority of the photos you take are taken with your iPhone 5 with a casing for water shots.  You really get the most out of the camera phone. Is there a trick to this process?

Joel: Yes that’s right, the casing I use is called Optrix, who are one of the best in the business providing cases for people like myself who enjoy taking photos of the water. I treat it like I would when taking photos of my food and other things, making sure there's good focus and lighting. I tend to prefer taking photos in low light opposed to a bright blue day. I like the mood that a storm or grey day brings.

Pacifico: You also are a gun chef we hear. Tell us about where you are at with this passion at the moment?

Joel: Well, right now I'm between jobs doing a few private gigs and also a bit of catering for friends. In the near future myself and Zeli will be looking to open a small restaurant/cafe which is something we’re extremely passionate about. So until then no food for you. Unless you want a private dinner/party catered for then hit me up.

Pacifico: Where can we buy your photography?

Joel: I’m currently in the process of building a website for my photos, but in the mean time, my Insta is the hub. @joelbennetts. Choose photos you like and shoot me an email.

Catch us for part 2 of our catch up with Joel and Zeli in our next instalment of Pacifico People. 

Until then, stay shady.