The Yacht Master

Here at Pacifico Optical our love for sea going vessels is equal to our love for road going machines. Anything with an engine or a sail and our ears prick, and attention turns. We are constantly on the look out for ways in which we can make your journey all the more crisp and pleasant by looking after your vision, and making sure you look the part :)

The roots of Pacifico Optical are in the dreamy Adriatic Sea where, during a summer holiday in Croatia, co-founders Nick and Alain connected over a common interest in vintage eyewear and shared stories of their vintage frame finds in back alley optometrists and vintage stores throughout Europe.  

For this reason it is only fitting, and a tribute to those sea side roots, that we release a pair of shades designed for sea journeys in the beautiful warm waters of the European coast. 

In partnership with The Yacht Week we have created the Yacht Master – a bespoke pair of sunglasses perfectly styled and suited to the  high seas.

Pacifico Optical Yacht Master

It’s the perfect partnership, as both brands were born by the water and epitomise a jetset beau monde lifestyle.

"We are thrilled to have Pacifico Optical as our official eyewear partner,” says The Yacht Week Head of Product, Ben Jones. “They bring along the same youthful energy and passion to eyewear as we aim to bring to The Yacht Week holidays, so it really is a great partnership of brands. They have come up with a "must-have" accessory for any time on the water, and the sunglasses represent a great marriage of Bondi Beach and the Mediterranean.” 

Pacifico Optical Yacht Master

The Yacht Master has two functional features that are tailored specifically to yachting life. The high quality polarised lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision have hydrophobic coatings, designed for the water. And each pair of Yacht Masters comes with a stylish sailing inspired cord to prevent the sunglasses from falling overboard during big swells.

“The sunglasses have been designed with function and fashion in mind,” says Pacifico founder Nick Guzowski. “We took cues from the classic European Yachting lifestyle.”

Pacifico Optical Yacht Master



Pacifico Optical Yacht Master

About The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week is a European travel brand that offers a series of seven-day sailing events in six destinations around the world. Grab your gang and board your own private yacht in the paradise of your choice: British Virgin Islands; Croatia; Greece; Italy; Turkey; or Thailand.