Our guide to sailing Croatia with The Yacht Week

We had the pleasure of spending a week sailing the beautiful Adriatic Sea on board the Pacifico Optical yacht; part of the fleet made up of 50+ yachts taking part in week 34 of the Croatian route of The Yacht Week. For those who are considering travelling in Croatia and are interested in trying The Yacht Week, here is your quintessential guide for the week, from the team at Pacifico Optical. 

1. Gather your squad

Happiness is shared, so get your mates together for an unforgettable week of sailing, swimming, exploring and partying. 

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week

2. Choose a yacht

As far as yachts go, size really does matter. If you want to sail in style, a single hull yacht is the way to go. If leisure space is more important, grab a cat. A 45ft yacht is comfortable, if you want to go all out, consider something 55ft+.

The Yacht Week Pacifico Optical

3. Decorate

Decorating your yacht with flags, stickers and other decorations is a great way to stand our from the crowd. It's a great conversation starter and helps your new friends find you in the crowd ;)

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week

4. Get to know the skippers

The Yacht Week skippers are your go-to for the best tips on tour, and they know how to get a party started. The skippers are seasoned professionals of how to have a good time during The Yacht Week. Get to know them - it will pay dividends. 

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week

5. Pack inflatables

Giant swans, giant flamingoes, donuts, pizza slices - they are all welcome accessories on The Yacht Week! Don't be left without something to float on for the famous circle raft! Oh, and bring a pump too! It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week

5. Visit the Green Caves

The Green Caves are a spectacular natural formation near the island of Hvar in Croatia. Swim inside and enjoy the crystal clear water. If you are game, take on the 12m cliff jump from on top of the cave!

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week The Green Cave Croatia

6. Hoist the sails!

Don't fall into the trap of motoring your way around the entire trip. Let the sails rip and enjoy everything that wind powered travel has to offer. Get involved - it's one of the many joys on the water.

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week Sailing Croatia

7. Explore the old towns along the way

Don't let sea legs stop you from exploring the many beautiful towns along the Dalmatian Coast. Some of our favourites were Split, Hvar, Trogir, Vis and Komiza - these all have great old towns full of shops, restaurants and bars to explore. 

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week Vis Croatia

8. Get to know your neighbours

There are endless opportunities to meet new people along the way. Hopping between boats during a raft up (when the boats tie up to each other side by side) with some food or drinks to share with your neighbour boats is a great way to meet people. Get out there and mingle!

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week Sailing Croatia

9. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

The parties during the Yacht Week are great fun! But trust us, don't go too hard too early or you may miss out on some of the best parties during the week! Our highlights were the White Party on Hvar and the Fort George party on Vis.

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week

10. Enjoy a sunset

The sun setting over the Adriatic Sea is a beautiful thing. Make sure you take the time to enjoy one along the way. The best way is with your feet dangling overboard in good company!

Pacifico Optical The Yacht Week Sailing Croatia

11. Don't forget your sunnies :)

You will need some eye protection for spending all day every day in the beautiful Croatian sun. Our Yacht Master sunglasses were designed in collaboration with the Yacht Week - designed to be your perfect Yacht Week companion.

Pacifico Optical Yacht Master The Yacht Week Sailing Croatia

Image credits: Michael Vanarey @michaelvanarey www.michaelvanarey.com