Jonny Patton on his biggest challenges, passions and staying positive


As the weather warms in the southern hemisphere, an approaching summer may look different than it has before. 

AFL legend Jonathon Patton, better known as Jonny sits down with us to discuss his career, challenges faced in 2020 and remaining positive in life.


A quick introduction of yourself, team and any current events or projects you have on. 

JP: My name is Jonathon Patton, I am 27 years old. I grew up in Melbourne then moved to Sydney when I was just 18 years old to Play for the Greater Western Sydney Giants. I just recently moved back to Melbourne to play for the Hawthorn Football Club. Coming into my latter years of my football career I have started my Agent Representative course as I have a huge passion for the property market and lucky to have a few investment properties myself and look forward to what the next chapter of my life might be!

Where did your interest in AFL start?

JP: Ever since I can remember I always had a football in my hand. Growing up in Melbourne pretty much every kid at school plays AFL so I was playing it literally every lunch break and every night at home in the backyard. It was my childhood dream to play in the big time so to have achieved that is something I am very proud of.

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Australian sports are rising on the international stage. How would you say Australia's sporting culture is different to other nations?

JP: Where I think Australian sports can differ to many other sports is just how tough it is. Every time I’ve been overseas and show people the sport I play they are stunned out how tough and physical it really is. Also, there is a lot more of a loyalty factor here in Australian sport from both the club and player which I think is very rare is sports.

What was the biggest obstacle, physical or mental that you have faced so far?

JP: If anyone has followed my previous team the Giants or just a big footy fan in general you would probably know of my injuries I have had over the years. Long story short, I’ve had 3 knee reconstructions and a few other minor surgeries. These injuries have been spread out over my 9 year career. This has meant constant “getting hit and getting back up”. Yes this was physically very hard and gruelling. But the hardest part was the mental side of it. As an athlete we physical work is the easy part. What is very underestimated and difficult to deal with is the mental hurdles that we face daily and even more so during long rehab stints that can takes years. In saying that, the mental obstacles I’ve had to overcome in my career has given me profound resilience and has given me great perspective in life.

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Apart from your career, what is something you’re passionate about that people may not know?

JP: As I said earlier, I am super passionate about Real estate. I bought my first home at the age of 23 and my second home at 25. Ive learnt so much about the industry from just being a home owner. Ive also done some work experience in at Colliers in the commercial real estate side. I’m also a big fan of NBA basketball!

When you’re not on the field, what is your favourite outdoor activity or sport?

I love boxing during my time off. Every off season I train with a boxing coach 2-3 times a week. Boxing is obviously great for the body but it really helps me mentally. Something about it makes me feel amazing after a gruelling 60 minute workout!

Also love to just chill on the beach in my Pacificos and get some sun which I find so relaxing.

What do you like most about your Pacificos?

What I love most about my Pacificos is the chilled but very classy look about them. I find they’re great to wear dressed up at the races or relaxing at the beach. The colours and lenses are epic! I never thought I could pull of blue sunnies but the Pacificos are so easy to wear. Not to mention very affordable!

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Your grateful campaign has spread positivity across the country. What is your current routine to stay active and positive?

Whenever I feel down or negative about everything that is going on, I let that sink in for a minute. It make even be a few hours or a day. I think it's important to feel that and to not ignore it. But I instantly think of just how lucky I am. I still have my job. My family and friends are safe and healthy. I live in the best country in the world. Life could be so so much worse. Its crazy how some gratitude and self reflection can instantly change your mood. I

It's impossible to be positive all the time, especially with what is going on in the world right now. But it is also important to not let a bad moment or day turn into a bad week, month or year which I’ve done in the past and there’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve essentially wasted all this precious time.

Where can people find out more and catch up with you?

People can find me on instagram @jonnypatton
Feel free to send me a DM as I love engaging with people and if there’s any advice or anything I can give or talk to you about I’m just a DM away!

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Some answers have been edited for clarity. All images of Jonny are credited to Jonny Patton @jonnypatton.